T-50 Torsion Spring Tester

The T-50 Torsion Spring Tester is a High Speed, High Resolution and High Torque Capacity servo driven PC controlled Torsion Spring Tester.

  •  Maximum Torque Capacity: 50000Nmm (50NM) (442.5lbf.in)
  • Recommended minimum Torque: 500Nmm (4.425lbfin) *
  • Minimum Torque resolution: 1Nmm (0.00885lbf.in)
  • Torque Accuracy: ±5Nmm at 500Nmm (±0.04425lbf.in at 4.425lbf.in) and better than ±500Nmm at 50000Nmm.( ±4.425lbf.in at 442.5lbf.in)
  • Standard Rotational Range: Endless Rotation
  • Standard Rotational resolution: 0.0036deg,
  • Standard Stroke Accuracy ±0.1degrees
  • Maximum Rotational Swing: 120mm(4.7”)
  • Maximum Linear Distance (Body Length): 200mm (8”)
  • Max Speed 1800 deg per sec (300RPM)
  • Footprint: 900mm x 590mm x 690mm (35.43”x23.22”x27.2”) – LxBxH
  • Weight 120kg (264lbs)
  • Power requirement: 100-240VAC, 12Amps 
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