CTM-10 Spring Tester


The CTM-100 Manual Spring Tester combines Manual Motion with PC Control

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 100N (22.5lbf)
  • Recommended minimum load: 0 . 8N (0.18lbf) *
  • Minimum Load resolution: 0.002N (0.00045lbf)
  • Load Accuracy: ±0.0025N (0.000562lbf) at 0.5N (0.112lbf) and better than ±0.5N (±0.112lbf) at 100N (22.5lbf)
    (Better Than ISO 7500/1 Class 0.5)
  • Standard Stroke 200mm (8")
  • Standard Stroke resolution: 0.003mm (0.00018"), Standard Stroke
  • Accuracy: ±0.04mm (0.00156")
  • Platten Diameter: Ø55mm (2.17") Max
  • Speed 25.4mm (1.0”) per handwheel rotation
  • Footprint;(Including Interface Arm)): 30cm (11.8”) x 70cm(27.6”):
  • Weight 18kg (39.6lb)
  • Power requirement: 100-240VAC, 1Amps
    * This recommended minimum load is the minimum load per ISO7500/1 where an accuracy of 0.5% can still be attained 

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