CT50000 Spring Tester

The CT50000 H Frame Tester is a High Capacity, High speed, High Resolution Servo driven PC controlled spring tester constructed with Quad Ballscrews.

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 50000N (11240lbf)
  • Recommended minimum load: 400N (90lbf) *
  • Minimum Load resolution: 1N (0.225lbf)
  • Load Accuracy: ±1.25N (0.28lbf) at 250N (56.2lbf) and better than ±250N (±56.2lbf) at 50000N (11240lbf) (Better Than ISO 7500/1 Class 0.5)
  • Standard Stroke 1000mm (40")
  • Standard Stroke resolution: 0.0001mm (0.0000039"),
  • Standard Stroke Accuracy: ±0.01mm (±0.00039”) for 1000mm(40”) stroke
  • Accuracy: better than 0.005mm(0.000196”)– Available with independent Calibration
  • Quad Ballscrew Construction for optimal stiffness
  • Platten Diameter: Ø400mm (15.75")
  • 3 Loadcells included for optimum stiffness and off-center loading capacity
  • Speed 0.03mm/s – 30mm/s (0.071”/min-71”/min). Accurately Controllable
  • Footprint: 80x60cm (31.50”x23.6"), 
  • Weight 1200kg (2640lb) -FLOOR STANDING
  • Power requirement: 3 Phase 360-480VAC, 20Amp 

*This recommended minimum load is the minimum load per ISO7500/1 where an accuracy of 0.5% can still be attained

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