CT Series (C Frame) economical spring test machine- Connects externally to a PC

The CT Series is an economical spring test machine family. They are Programmable Compression / Extension Servo Driven Spring Testers that connect externally via USB connection to a PC. This Family of Testers is constructed with a C Frame design and exhibit the following characteristics:

      • Maximum Load Capacity between 10N up to 2.000N
      • 200mm standard stroke,  500mm and 1000mm Strokes Available
      • Excellent R&R Performance
      • SPC Control Charts, Analysis and Reports
      • CT Series meet and exceed the following Standards: ISO 7500/1 Class 0.5 and ASTM E4
      • Most Economic option available for servo driven, pc controlled spring tester

CT Series Standard Spring Testers

    • Table 1 describes the specifications of the various models in this family

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