CT2000HS High Speed Spring Tester

The CT-2000HS spring tester is a C-Frame servo driven, PC operated model that connects externally to a PC via USB and Serial ports. It has the following main characteristics:

  • Extension and Compression Modes
  • Load capacity: 2000N
  • Minimum load resolution: 0.05N
  • Accuracy: ±0.05N at 10N and better than ±10N at 2000N. (ISO 7500/1 Class 0.5)
  • Stroke linear resolution: 0.00025mm
  • Stroke Accuracy better than ±0.01mm.
  • Standard Stroke 500mm. 1000mm Stroke available as an option
  • Platten Diameter: Ø80mm
  • Maximum linear Speed: 125mm/sec
  • You can download the full data sheet here

CT2000HS 2000N Capacity, high Speed/High Resolution spring Tester
CT2000HS 2000N Capacity High Speed/High Resolution, Compression/Extension Spring Tester
CT2000HS 2000N Capacity with Conductive Freelength Module
CT2000HS 2000N Capacity with Conductive Freelength Module
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