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    Product Overview
  • Compression & Extension Spring Testers

    C- Frame Servo Driven and Programmable

  • Compression & Extension High Capacity Spring Testers

    Large H- Frame Servo Driven and Programmable

    CT-Series H Frame
  • Torsion Spring and Bar Testers

    Programmable and Servo Driven

  • Fully Automated Testing and Setting Solutions

    Modular design, Including Part Loading, setting, Force Testing, Diameter Measurement and Sorting

    ALT Series
  • Spring Fatigue Testing Systems

    Programmable and PC Controlled, Optional simultaneous Load Measurement and Heating Solutions on up to 12 test stations

    LST Series
  • 2D and 3D Vision Measurement Systems

    Programmable, Digital vision measurement, Vision Frame up to 180mm X 160mm

  • Axis-Symmetric Part Vision Measurement Systems

    Perpendicularity and Parallelism, Pitch Trace and, Lo and OD measurement


Compression and Extension Spring Testers

Compression and Extension Spring Testers

Manual, Standard Automatic , and High Speed Servo Models. Load Capacities 1N -200KN. Stroke Ranges between 200mm - 1000MM. Ideally suited for valve springs, coil springs, suspension springs and leaf springs

Torsion Spring, Arc Spring and Bar Testers

Torsion Spring Testers

Manual, Standard Automatic, and High Speed Servo Models available. Torque Capacities between 0.00001NM-200NM. Endless angular rotation Ranges

Spring Geometrical Measurement Systems

Spring Geometric Measurement Systems

2D Measurement. Perpendicularity (E1). Parallelism (E2). Free Length (Fl). Outside Diameter (OD). Concentricity. Pitch Gap and Pitch Height.

Automatic Spring Testing and Sorting System

Modular, Programmable Automated Testing Systems including: Auto Loading. Setting. Spring Load Testing Spring Geometry Measurement. Sorting.

Spring Fatigue Tester

Spring Fatigue Testers

  • Programmable Multi Station Life Cycle / Fatigue Testers up to 30Hz Speed
  • Compression Spring, Extension Spring and Torsion Spring Fatigue Testers
  • Large Stroke, Large Load Spring Life Cycle Testers
  • Including Load Measurement, Reporting and Heating Options

Spring Setting Systems

  • Large Spring Setters
  • Automated Spring Setters

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